Align Health operates on a pay and claim basis only.

We are happy to assist you in your insurance claim to the best of our ability. However, please be aware that it is the patient's sole responsibility to ensure that their health insurance policy provides adequate coverage for the cost of the treatment received. We strongly advise all clients to verify their insurance coverage with their insurance company before attending a treatment session, ensuring that their policy provides adequate coverage.

Align Health cannot be held liable for any treatment costs that are not covered or subsequently rejected by your insurance company.

To submit your claim, it is likely you will need the following documents:

A referral letter for treatment from your doctor.
A reimbursement claim form provided by Align Health.
Stamped copies of the receipts provided by Align Health.
Where multiple sessions are required, a letter of recommendation from the clinician may also be required, which Align Health will be happy to provide if needed.