Align Health Physiotherapy

Konstantinos joins us as an experienced physiotherapist from Athens, Greece where he has worked in rehabilitation centres and physiotherapy clinics alike. He graduated with a bachelor's degree in physiotherapy from the Technological Education Foundation of Physical Therapy T.E.I of Athens in 2009.

Konstantinos specialises in the prevention of injuries, muscular balance enhancement and range of motion development as well as sports-related and degenerative disorders of the knees, shoulders, hips, elbows and spine. He has a breadth of knowledge in dealing with post-surgery rehabilitation, particularly in relation to the knee, spine, shoulders and ankles.

A competitive swimmer in his past, Konstantinos has been able to transfer his enjoyment of sport into his work, having worked with the female national handball team of Greece, a number of football teams and paralympic athletes. These experiences have increased his knowledge of assisting in the rehabilitation of athletes, dealing with the prevention and management of injuries and enhancing competitive performance.

- Sports injuries
- Pre and post-operative rehab
- Taping and Kinesiotaping
- Hydrotherapy
- Sports massage
- Exercise therapy
- Deep tissue massage
- Manual therapy
- Manipulation techniques
- Dry needling
- Myofascial release