Moataz Elbadrawy is an accomplished physiotherapist from Egypt. He earned his Bachelor's degree in Physiotherapy from Cairo University in 2015, laying the foundation for his career in the field of physical therapy.

In 2021, Moataz achieved his Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree, specialising in sports injuries. His dedication to excellence led him to pursue numerous courses in various physiotherapy specialties, further enhancing his expertise and knowledge. His extensive skill set empowers him to provide comprehensive care to his patients, promoting their well-being and recovery.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Moataz is an enthusiast for an active and balanced lifestyle. He enjoys going to the gym and also enjoys activities such as running and swimming. Moataz is an avid reader, committed to continuous learning, and honing life skills, further exemplifying his dedication to personal growth and well-roundedness.

- Manipulation techniques
- Soft tissue release
- Dry needling
- Sports rehabilitation
- Exercise therapy
- Sports taping
- Dry cupping
- Deep tissue massage
- Chronic musculoskeletal problems