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What is the role of physiotherapy in helping during post-pregnancy?

In recent days, people have been looking forward to getting holistic care treatment. Irrespective of the issues, physiotherapy is known to be extremely functional and beneficial for people. Physiotherapists can be referred to as dedicated professionals who are completely focused on maintaining and improving physical performance and functional independence. 

When it is about women’s health, there have been several studies and evidence that show that physiotherapy can actually help to relieve different symptoms and get rid of pain. So, it is important that you choose a physiotherapy centre in Abu Dhabi with top-notch professionals who are always available to help you post-pregnancy. With support, you will be able to achieve a balanced mind and body and restore your health condition.

Physiotherapy in women is not only about getting rid of pain, but it also includes other aspects of health. Physiotherapy encompasses several services, including osteoporosis, obstetrics, urinary incontinence, prenatal or postnatal care, neuromuscular issues and rehabilitation. Hence, when you choose a physiotherapist in Abu Dhabi, you can remain assured that you will get a wide range of holistic care treatments to ensure a pain-free and balanced life.

Physiotherapy is known to be one of the fields that clearly acknowledges the physical differences in women. At a physiotherapy clinic, you will be able to get the assistance and guidance that will help you to lead an enjoyable, pain-free and stress-free life.

How can physiotherapy assist in prenatal health?

Pregnancy is one of the most important aspects and a significant change in women’s body and mind. It is undoubtedly considered a magical phase in a woman’s life, but it also brings a lot of challenge and stress to the overall body. This is when women start experiencing a lot of health conditions. During and after pregnancy, it is important that you take physical therapy in Abu Dhabi from the best physiotherapist to reduce future conditions.

The therapy offered by the physiotherapist plays an important role in eliminating several conditions and also offering symptomatic relief. Some of the most common health concerns that show up during pregnancy generally include severity of injuries, lower back pain, weakness in pelvic floor muscles, and carpal tunnel syndrome. If not taken immediately care of, these can become bigger problems.

What is the role of physiotherapy in Obstetric Care?

Physiotherapy is considered a crucial care treatment in obstetric care. It encompasses both postpartum and antepartum services. Generally, the physiotherapists available in a physiotherapy centre in Abu Dhabi consider manual techniques with a combination of posture-related education. This is provided to women, especially pregnant women, to get better knowledge about their condition and start working on it in advance. As these professionals clearly specialise in upper and lower back Care along with modifying daily activities, they can make sure to optimise posture alignment. This will help reduce orthopaedic tension for expecting mothers.

Physiotherapists generally encourage expecting mothers to participate in all healthy exercises and activities on a daily basis to strengthen their abilities. In postpartum physiotherapy, professionals generally start addressing the casual and structural issues that might arise due to pregnancy, postpartum and delivery. The experts focus mostly on correcting muscle activation and proper utilisation of necessary support structures.

How do postpartum and prepartum physiotherapy work?

If you have decided to visit a physiotherapist in Abu Dhabi, but you’re not sure how you’re going to benefit, you need to know that you will receive all the care that you need during this time. The assistance provided by the physiotherapist also greatly depends on your present condition.

According to the consultation, the role of physiotherapists generally starts by detailing a review of the patient’s medical history. It can be really challenging for mothers to discuss their pre-partum and postpartum health, but it is important to consider all the symptoms that they are facing. This will help professionals get clear insights regarding the different factors that might be hampering their health.

Next to this, a physiotherapist in Abu Dhabi will comprehensively assess and analyse the condition of the abdominal muscles, lumber spine and pelvis. This assessment is important to identify the vigour, protection, and vitality of the pelvic floor muscles. Generally, physiotherapists make use of finger palpation to examine connective tissues and pelvic floor muscles. The treatment greatly depends on the symptoms and conclusion that has been drawn from the assessment.

  • Treatment for pregnancy-related pain: During pregnancy, women go through a lot of changes, which leads to continuous pain and discomfort. One of the primary complaints among most pregnant women is lower back pain. This affects the majority of women. The pain can be due to several factors, which include postural change, weight gain, and relaxing of ligaments to prepare for the child. Choosing a physiotherapy centre in Abu Dhabi will ensure that you get treatment from professionals who combine several techniques to get rid of pain, such as exercise programs, manual therapy, and education.


  • Exercise programs and manual therapy: Manual therapy generally refers to the hands-on techniques that are used by the physiotherapist to improve soft tissues and joints. It, therefore, enhances movement and reduces pain. Exercise programs are equally decided by the physiotherapist according to the unique condition of the mother to strengthen muscles that support the pelvis and spine, reducing discomfort and improving stability. The exercises mostly focus on core muscles, including the Pelvic floor and abdominal muscle.


  • Educating on body mechanics: When you choose a physiotherapist in Abu Dhabi with great experience, you can remain assured that they have knowledge of body mechanics. These are the professionals who clearly understand the human body. Therefore, they can help expecting mothers understand how to move safely and effectively. It would include advising them on posture, lifting techniques and ergonomics. When women have proper knowledge of body mechanics, they can help to get rid of injury and strain and make daily activities more comfortable.


  • Addressing pelvic floor health: When it comes to expecting mothers, the pelvic floor muscles play an important role. This is something that supports the uterus, bowel and bladder. During pregnancy, the muscles start getting weak, which leads to issues like urinary incontinence. Therefore, physiotherapists generally make use of specific exercises which strengthen pelvic floor muscles. This will improve functionality and help reduce symptoms.


  • Manage urinary incontinence: Urinary incontinence is very common among expecting mothers during and after pregnancy. However, if not taken immediate care, it might lead to a bigger problem in the future. Choosing a physiotherapist in Abu Dhabi will be beneficial as they offer targeted therapists to address problems, which include bladder training and pelvic floor exercises. These therapies are not only beneficial in reducing frequency and severity but also in improving the overall quality of new moms.


  • Promotes physical activity: It is extremely important for expecting mothers to be active during their pregnancy. This has several benefits, including better mood, easier delivery and labour, along with improved cardiovascular health. When you choose physical therapy in Abu Dhabi from a physiotherapist, they will also encourage you to engage in effective and safe exercises that are created and customised according to your individual requirements. These exercises generally include prenatal yoga, swimming, and walking to reduce pregnancy-related discomfort and maintain fitness.


You must know that more than half of the expecting mothers experience serious lower back pain during their pregnancy. One of the best ways to prevent such conditions is a proper night’s sleep. Physiotherapy provides physical therapy in Abu Dhabi that is customised according to the requirement of pregnant women to manage the pain and maintain comfort during the pregnancy. This will help stabilise the spine and focus more on reducing back pain.

Research clearly indicates that physical therapy is greatly effective in reducing urinary inconsistency. Therefore, most physiotherapy clinics will actively promote healthy exercises to improve the discomfort. If you’re looking for a physiotherapy centre in Abu Dhabi from where you can get comprehensive physiotherapy treatment during your pregnancy, you can simply get in touch with Align Health. With some of the best physiotherapists in the team, they can help expecting mothers to have better health and reduce discomfort.

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