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A Comprehensive Guide on Sports Massage from a seasoned Physiotherapist

Sports massage is one of the most common requirements for athletes. Irrespective of the issues, sports massage from an experienced physiotherapist in Abu Dhabi will always provide the best results. Massage is known to be a technique that involves repetition of deep pressure by making use of manipulative techniques in the muscular areas. The primary aim of this physical therapy is to reduce muscle tension, improve the recovery process and stimulate repair to help you get relaxation the way you want.

However, in order to enjoy all of these benefits, you have to undergo post-massage soreness. It is a very common consequence to be experienced after taking a sports massage from a physiotherapy clinic. However, you don’t have to worry as a physiotherapist in Abu Dhabi providing you the massage will take care of it. This is completely normal and it is something that will help you in the recovery process.

How much time does it take to recover from sports massage?

The recovery time from sports massage is not the same for everyone. Remember that the recovery time will greatly differ according to the different factors, which include how frequently you’re taking the sessions, previous experiences with the massage and the overall lifestyle that you’re leading. 

However, you can still expect to experience soreness in your body for 1 to 3 days. If this is the first time you have chosen a physiotherapist in Abu Dhabi to take this massage, it might last for a few more days. However, if you are a regular recipient of sports massage, you might find your body adapting too easily and experience reduced soreness in very little time.

What are the factors that affect the recovery time?

The recovery time from massage soreness can be greatly influenced by different lifestyle and personal factors. Following are some of them.

  • Hydration: Adequate hydration plays an important role when it comes to muscle recovery. You must understand the signs of your body as 70% muscles are composed of water and hence you need to stay hydrated in order to get rid of the metabolic waste and toxins released during the massage. if you do not hydrate yourself properly, dehydration can result in increasing muscle soreness and increase the overall recovery time. Hence, it is important and always suggested to drink a lot of water prior to and after taking a sports massage from Chiropractic in Abu Dhabi to enjoy optimum muscle memory and functionality.


  • Stress levels: Stress levels are always detrimental to health, irrespective of your health condition. Similarly, high-stress levels can have a significant negative impact on muscle recovery. When you take too much stress, it produces a lot of cortisol in your body. This is a hormone that increases muscle tension and inflammation. Hence, it is important for you to practise stress management techniques by meditation, listening to music, adequate sleep, and deep breathing exercises. This will help to reduce cortisol levels and improve your recovery time.


  • Activity levels: The next most common factor that has a direct impact on the recovery time is your general activity level. Individuals who remain active throughout have higher muscle endurance, these people are less likely to experience slow progression as they have quick recovery time compared to people who are inactive. However, it is important for you to keep a balance between rest and activities, especially in the first 24 to 48 hours after the sports massage. You will be guided by a physiotherapist in Abu Dhabi about the aftercare. 

What can be the potential reasons for muscle soreness? 

You must understand that muscle soreness is a part of the overall healing process. When you choose a physiotherapy clinic to take deep tissue massage, it involves a wide range of techniques. Deep tissue massage can actually improve the ability of your body to carry nutrients and blood into your muscles. However, This is especially a technique that stimulates the muscles that you don’t usually use. Hence, it can cause delayed onset of soreness, which people who remain active or frequently take massages might experience immediately after the routine.

When you take sports massage, a physiotherapist in Abu Dhabi generally makes use of a wide range of techniques. Different techniques are used for manipulating connective tissues, muscles and fascia. The manipulation made during the physical therapy can be beneficial to breakdown, scarred tissues and additions. Therefore, it can greatly improve nutrient delivery and blood flow into the affected areas. Even when the process is known to be very important, it can sometimes result in minor damage to muscle fibres which is the same as the effect of a strenuous workout. The body has its own coping mechanism for initiating the healing process, which includes inflammation or releasing growth factors to promote repair work.

Why resting is important after a sports massage? 

There are several reasons why you need to take ample rest for at least 24 hours after you have taken sports massage.


  • Chances of injury: After you have taken a sports massage, the connective tissue and muscles within your body become soft and liable. Therefore, it increases the chances of injury when you immediately go for high and exercises. Weightlifting and running is a strict no-no after you have taken sports massage from a physiotherapy clinic as it will result in putting added strain on the muscle and connective tissues. Hence, it might lead to bruising, swelling, and loss of strength.


  • Dehydration: Your body might start using more amount of water during the muscle recovery. Hence, there are chances that you might get dehydrated during the process. Therefore, a physiotherapist in Abu Dhabi will always recommend you have adequate water for hydration as it will help to flush out the metabolic waste that is produced in the muscle repair. If you don’t drink adequate water, it can result in muscle stiffness and become prone to injury.


  • Delayed muscle soreness: if you start working out while experiencing delayed onset muscle soreness, it can result in hindering the muscle healing process and make the overall workout painful. This is a natural response to micro-tearing muscle fibres that are generally caused during sports massage. Hence, it is important for you to take adequate rest as it will help your body to repair the tears and create stronger and resilient muscle tissues.

How can you manage soreness after a sports massage?

If you’re experiencing delayed soreness after taking sports massage from a physiotherapist in Abu Dhabi, you must not worry as it is a very common process. It is a tendency of your body to heal. The sun generally starts showing up after 24 hours and takes its peak during 24 to 48 hours. However, if you take proper care, it will be gone within 48 hours. Following are some of the major tactics that you can apply to manage post-massage soreness

  • Make sure that you keep yourself hydrated. Drinking an adequate amount of water is extremely important to flush out toxins from your muscles and help in muscle recovery. When you drink eight glasses of water every day and more, it will help your body to start repair work faster. However, if you’re into physical activities, it must be more than eight classes.


  • You can also go for physical therapy from a great chiropractor. You can choose gentle stretching as it can help to get rid of muscle tightness and increase flexibility. It is better that you be gradual and choose control stretches to target the masses that have been targeted during the massage work. Do not overstretch or go for intense workout sessions as it can result in increasing muscle soreness.


  • Heat and cold therapy is again an alternative way to reduce muscle soreness. It also becomes a great choice as it promotes healing. You can apply a cold pack on the sore areas for 15 to 20 minutes and then again use a warm compress as it helps to heal. Doing this alternatively can help reduce muscle soreness and greatly improve blood circulation. It is a popular contrast therapy that is recommended by most physiotherapists providing physical therapy.


  • Participating in light activities on a regular basis is important to reduce muscle soreness. If you think that resting for 24 hours will make it easier, you are wrong. It is important for you to engage in light activities like gentle yoga or walking. This will help to improve blood flow in the muscle and reduce stiffness. However, you must understand that when you take muscle therapy from a physiotherapist in Abu Dhabi, you must not immediately go for high-intensity activities or workouts. It will result in putting the strain on the muscles.

Choosing the right physiotherapist in Abu Dhabi is important

When it comes to sports massage, it plays an important role in the overall improvement and well-being. However, to be able to enjoy the great benefits, it is important that you choose the best physiotherapist in Abu Dhabi. As there are quite a huge number of options available, now you can easily choose Align Health as here you can get some of the best chiropractors and physiotherapists offering a wide range of treatments for you. Irrespective of your condition, they ensure an understanding of your physical situation and choose combined techniques for improved recovery.

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